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The Empowerment Agency is a social and behavioral health consulting firm serving individuals and institutions nationally and internationally. Quality services ranging from therapy, coaching, training, and consultation based on evidenced and practice-based approaches with success in mind. If you are in need of a 15 minute FREE CONSULTATION contact us today. 


The Empowerment Agency provides social and behavioral health counseling and consulting services to individuals and institutions seeking support and solution-focused strategies to help improve their purpose, performance and productivity.


The Empowerment Agency offers clinical services to individuals in need of support to overcome challenges and  identify life-skills to promote resiliency. Our team is staff with a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with high performing individuals seeking to improve their quality of life, improve interpersonal relationships,  achieve work-life balance, and overcome challenges or past trauma(s) that needs to be resolved. 

Sessions offered face to face and web-based for individuals residing in Georgia and Florida. 

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Support For Adults Caring For Adults

The Empowerment Agency has a team of professionals who provide care management and care development to adults who provide caregiver support for other adults. Our team consist of qualified professionals with vast experience in working with adults who need support with activities of daily living (ADL), understanding insurance and other mainstream benefits, care management and transition plans, and self-care or care development plans for the person providing caregiver support. 

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Our staff provides immediate and scheduled onsite support 24/7.

Critical Incident Stress Management/Debriefing Services

Did your organization experience a critical incident or disaster?

Has your staff’s performance decreased after a critical incident?

Are you worried about work place safety, due to disruption among your team after a critical incident?

Is your company experience organizational growth or downsizing that may impact employee’s performance and overall wellbeing?

One of the main complaints we get from employees after providing crisis counseling services is, “How come we never received this support before”? Onsite support has shown proven effectiveness when offered to staff in a timely and convenient manner. The Empowerment Agency works with organizations to provide confidential individual crisis counseling and group support to help decrease the negative impact of stressors on the emotional and mental wellbeing of their staff. Employers who offer support report less negative impacts on the companies overall productivity and workplace safety. In addition, it is reported through qualitative research that staff feel more supported and thankful for option to receive onsite support.

What is CISM/D?

CISM is a debriefing service for individuals and organizations who have workplace stressor or who have been exposed to trauma. CISM promotes processing and recovery from stressful events that may cause debilitating effects on productivity or daily living activities. Workplace stressors and trauma include but are not limited to the following: layoffs, sexual harassment, ethics and/or human resource mishandling, death, crime related incidents, high profile cases impacting employees or workplace environment, active shooter, suicide, and other incidents impacting employees.

A consultant may be hired to respond onsite to help provide support to employees that promote recovery and wellness. CISM/D may be schedule by appointment or as a crisis occurs by contacting The Empowerment Agency. Consultants are matched based on experience, knowledge, and availability.

To learn more about CISM/D and what types of incidents we respond to, please click here and scroll down to CISM/D.


The Empowerment Agency provides behavioral health, crisis intervention, and other social determinants of health workshops for the community and mental health professionals. Our staff is comprised of mental health professionals and advocates with vast experience, including independently licensed mental health professionals who provide evidenced-based workshops based on the audience. We also specialize in helping faith-based communities build mental health ministries and improve their relationship with community partners, in result increase access to resources and support for members. 

Individuals and Organizations may choose from the list below or request a customized workshop:

  • Trauma Informed Support for Residential Program

  • Suicide Prevention for Youth Serving Organizations

  • Intersectionality of Domestic Violence and Behavioral Health

  • Ethical Considerations of 1013’s in Georgia

  • Navigating Georgia’s Behavioral Health System

  • Suicide Prevention